About us

 We are creative minds from Toronto, Canada, looking to bring unique hand-crafted cufflinks to the world. We love cufflinks but we were tired of the lack of variety and customization available, so we decided to create a company that would offer just that. 

Our pieces are created in various woods, metals, plastics, and other materials. We offer customizable cufflinks and accessories that are equally perfect for everyday usage or special days of significance.  We are the only major Canadian company that offers the opportunity for small custom orders on unique hand-crafted pieces.  Our 3D printed plastic products are unlike any other products in the cufflink industry. We offer hand-made unique customizable pieces that are delivered quickly and made in Canada. Every single product you see on our website is hand-crafted by us.

We are committed to supporting charities, where 100% of proceeds from the sale of a specially designed cufflinks/accessories will be donated to charities of choice. 

We hope you love our products. Happy shopping!