Detroit Red Wings Wood Bowtie

Detroit Red Wings Wood Bowtie

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Detroit Red Wings Wood Bowtie - 

Marguerite Norris of the famous Norris hockey family was the first female executive in the history of the NHL. Marguerite’s father James Sr. was responsible for giving the Red Wings their modern-day name as well as the financial backing to turn them into an NHL powerhouse.

After James Sr. died in 1952, Marguerite took over control of the team and became president of the organization.

With Marguerite at the helm, the Red Wings finished in first place during all three seasons that she was in charge of the team. In 1954 Marguerite became the first female to have her name engraved on the Stanley Cup after the Red Wings defeated the Montreal Canadians in the NHL Finals.

Traditional fabric neck tie (you choose the colour)

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