Custom Lapel

Custom Lapel

Regular price $49.00

Custom Lapel -  Your unique opportunity to be fun and fashionable for any occasion. Send your ideas, images, or special words by email or work with our designer to come up with your perfect custom piece.  Please contact our team about your ideas. 

Let us help with your custom lapel ideas: reach us at to get the process started. 

Some options: 

3D Printed Lapel (various colours available)

Wood Lapel Silhouettes, Laser etching, custom wood stain (various sizes) (Birch, Oak, etc)

Mixed Media Lapel  (Hand painted, various materials, etc)

Metal Cufflinks 

Precious  Metal Lapel  start at 499.00 and increase based on the precious metal requested 

 *Cost is based on one piece. Cost will decrease with the purchase of larger quantities